Instagram Recap: January – February 2016


19 January | Getting stuck into some new wedding design concepts!

29 January | Sneak peak of an exciting project. I ended up not using these florals for their intended purpose, but I'm sure I can use them sometime soon!

1st February | Just shipped these bad boys off to @eliseyrabbit Copper on Pearl never gets old!

9th February | Sneak peak of a beautiful job I just picked up from the amazing Alex at Terrace Press. The client and I are so in love.

12th February | Love this suite from The Distillery I worked on last year. Silver foil on ebony Colorplan with marble envelope liners. Printing, styling & photo by The Distillery.

19th February | Watercolour florals for a custom wedding print.

27th February | Watercolour florals for a new Collection Range - coming soon!

29th February | Custom print for a friends new baby boy.